Service Times: Sundays at 8:30 & 10:45 a.m.

Holy Week Services

Contact: Eric Bass

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    At the beginning of his last week of life, Jesus entered Jerusalem to the shouts of "Hosanna." One week later, he walked out of the city to Golgotha to the shouts of "Crucify him." During Holy Week, March 25 - April 1, we will explore the events leading up to Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection through four unique services.

    Wednesday, March 28 | Midweek Celebration
    Hosanna means "Jesus saves." During this Holy Week service, we will celebrate Jesus's role as Savior.

    Thursday, March 29 | The Upper Room
    On the night Jesus was betrayed, he met with his disciples in an upper room, where he served them in two unique ways: washing their feet and offering them the Last Supper. This immersive, experiential service will allow us to relive the events of the Upper Room, focusing on Jesus as servant.

    Friday, March 30 | Good Friday Services
    This unique service will guide us through the story of the crucifixion of Jesus through music, quiet reflection, and prayer.

    Sunday, April 1 | Easter Services
    Just as we will begin the Holy Week with celebrating Jesus as "Savior," we will end it with celebrating Jesus as "Sovereign Lord." We will review the events of the resurrection and consider its implications for life here AND hereafter!