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Sermon Series: Minor Prophets, Major Message

Contact: Eric Bass

Category: Sermon Series

    The Minor Prophets are twelve, very short books located in the middle of your Bible near the end of the Old Testament. Some of us have never read them. Many of us have never understood them. Most of us wonder how 2,500-year-old messages to the Edomites relate to our modern reality. Covering only 50 pages in most Bibles, they carry the name of a prophet like Hosea, Micah, or Nahum. Though they are called "minor prophets" because they are so short, their message is major for us.

    In the Minor Prophets, we see God in a new way. As James Boice writes, “They dramatize the character of God.” These books show us God’s message to real people in real places at real moments in time. God even tells them how He feels and what He desires from them. Though we do not live in places like Edom in 700 BC., God is still speaking into real situations, and there is much we can see, learn, and believe that is highly tangible to our modern reality.

    June 25 • Hosea: Unfailing Love (Gabe Miller)
    July 02 • Joel: Day of the Lord (Greg Krafft)
    July 09 • Amos: Burden-Bearer (Eric Bass)
    July 16 • Jonah: A Right Standing (Matt Seevers)
    July 23 • Obediah: Justice Is Coming (Gabe Miller)
    July 30 • Micah: Remnant (Gabe Miller)
    August 6 • Nahum: Nineveh Down (Eric Bass)
    August 13 • Habakkuk: Still in Control (Greg Krafft)
    August 20 • Zephaniah: Cleansing Pain (Matt Seevers)
    August 27 • Haggai: Cheer Up (Eric Bass)
    September 3 • Zechariah: He's Coming (Gabe Miller)
    September 17 • Malachi: Repent and Restore (Matt Seevers)

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