Service Times: Sundays at 8:30 & 10:45 a.m.

Sunday Classes Fall 2016

Contact: Greg Krafft

Category: Adults Sunday Classes

    Discovery Class

    • For any stage of life
    • Taught by Brad Hinsky
    • Develop lasting relationships and discover truth in the Bible
    • Education Wing, Room C22

    Life on Mission.
    This Bible study series takes common sense, “one step at a time” approach to living out what Jesus describes as our purpose is refreshing and easy for everyone to comprehend. You don’t have to be a biblical scholar to live life on mission – you just have to love God, love people, and live that way. Students study do-able steps and strategies to CONNECT, SERVE, SHARE, GROW, and PRAY. Bible study, led by Brad Hinsky.


    Praxis Class

    • For any stage of life
    • Taught by Matt Seevers
    • Turn faith into action
    • Education Wing, Room C23

    Basic. "If I only had this as my guide…if all I had was the Bible…and I was to read this book and then start a church, what would it look like? Would it look like the thing that we've built here and all refer to as church? Or would it look radically different?" (Francis Chan) Trends come and go in our culture and the church seems to follow. This series challenges us to reclaim the church as Scripture describes it to be.

    What is church?
    You are church.
    I am church.
    We are church.


    Pilgrimage Class

    • For people 40 and above
    • Taught by Walter Prosser
    • Encourage and strengthen others on the road of faith
    • Gym, Room F2

    Time of Your Life.
    What time is it? Where did all the time go? Does time really fly when you're having fun? Maybe we think about time so much because there never seems to be enough of it. Maybe there's only one question we need to ask. What am I doing with my time? Simple question? Easy answer? It's time you found out. This study will provides some clear answers from Scripture! Don't waste another second. Video Series, by Andy Stanley.


    Willing Workers Class

    • For people 40 and above
    • Taught by Neal Long
    • Keep faith fresh and vibrant through Bible study, video, and class discussion
    • Off the Commons, Hospitality Room

    Gods at War.
     This series was filmed in a docudrama style – narrated by Kyle Idleman and featuring the late Chuck Colson (Prison Fellowship), Chuck Bentley (Crown Financial Ministries) and others telling their true stories. In these compelling stories, we see some reflection of ourselves, and recognize the true battle that lies at the heart of all our sin struggles. These stories also point the way to victory, as we see the kind of life transforming power that Christ is ready to pour out in our lives as well. Video Study, by Kyle Idleman.


    Truth Seekers Class

    • For couples with or without children
    • Taught by Joel Shrock, Kyle Black, and Jason Shrock
    • Study, discuss, and share biblical views on relationships, finances, raising children, and many other issues that challenge couples
    • Chapel

    Balancing Life's Demands. Do you need help prioritizing your life? If so, you’re not alone. The frantic pace of life is wearing many of us out. Our biggest struggle is balancing all of the stuff we have and do. But have we ever slowed down long enough to evaluate our priorities or even find out what God’s priorities are for our lives? He wants to help get us get our lives back in balance! Video study, by Chip Ingram.


    A NEW CLASS: Pray Together

    • For adults of all ages
    • Led by Greg Garver
    • Learn and practice the discipline of prayer
    • Fireside Room

    2 Chronicles 7:14. Greg Garver will lead participants in prayer to seek God’s face and favor. Topics of prayer will include self, family, friends, neighborhood, those who are imprisoned, church, persecuted church, enemies, missions, and the sick. Prayer service, led by Greg Garver.