Worship Service Time: Sundays at 10:00 a.m.


Some of the best memories we’ve made as a Cedar Creek family have been while we work together. We are passionate about serving each other, the local community, and the world. Here are some ways (not a complete list) you can can volunteer at Cedar Creek.

Weekend Setup/Teardown Teams

Volunteers set up and tear down chairs, arrange curtains, and prepare communion for weekend services. Contact Eric Bass


Volunteers collate papers, duplicate CDs, move tables/chairs, answer the phones, move equipment, etc. Contact Jon L’hommedieu, Kim Antisdel

Community Outreach

Volunteers plan events, think strategically about connecting with the community, organize other volunteers, and partner with community leaders. Contact Mike Kjergaard


Volunteers mow grass, rake leaves, water plants, maintain equipment, or shovel snow. Contact Roger Cook


Volunteers maintain the building, e.g. painting, repairing, cleaning, etc. Contact Jon L’hommedieu

Children’s Ministry (Birth - 5th Grade)

Volunteers read stories, play games, change diapers, provide transportation, build sets, make snacks, design crafts, etc. Contact Kim Hudson

Creative Arts

Volunteers sing, play instruments, paint pictures, draw illustrations, act, read, pray out loud, work with tech stuff, and spend a lot of time creating. Contact Eric Bass


Volunteers greet people at the door, answer questions about events, give directions, host meals, and generally make people feel at home. Contact Greg Krafft

Youth Ministry (6th - 12th Grade)

Volunteers teach classes, provide transportation, chaperone trips, lead small groups, prepare snacks, and attend student activities. Contact Gabe Miller