Worship Service Time: Sundays at 10:00 a.m.

Greg Krafft

Lead Minister


Began work at Cedar Creek: 2008

Birthday: June 27

Hometown: Auburn, Indiana

Spouse: Shelly 

Other family details: We have an daughter Breein (and son-in-law Pete), two sons, Landon and Zachary. A beautiful granddaughter, Brooke. We have a Golden Retriever, Bailey who is the queen of the house.

Work history: Worked in manufacturing for about 25 years, most of that time in a management capacity. Then the last four years have been spent here at Cedar Creek living the dream.

Educational history: DeKalb High School, undergrad from Indiana Institute of Technology in Business Administration and recently completed my Masters Degree from Cincinnati Christian University in Pastoral Leadership. Still learning, life is a strong teacher.

Faith background: Pagan, until tasting of God at a small Church of God in Auburn Indiana. Made a decision for Christ in September of 1991, being baptized into Christ at Cedar Creek; still being molded as I type this. Still “in process.”

Best part about my job: Seeing people come to Christ! Watching people turn from the “empty way” of this world and surrender to Christ. This never, never gets old. Never!

Favorite Bible verse: I love the encouragement in Isaiah 43: 1-4 and the challenges and promises in Colossians Chapter 3, I love the whole chapter, but verses 1-17 have been one of my favorites for many years. (Still trying to get them right.)

Favorite musician: Loved Jimmy Buffett and the Rolling Stones, now love Chris Tomlin and Casting Crowns.

Favorite movies: The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (the extended version of The Return Of The King rocks).

Favorite TV show: Not a big TV guy, but I do like the History Channel

Favorite food: Shelly’s Chicken pot pie, yum, yum. Really I like all food… look at me!

Favorite books: Other than the Bible these are a moving target, but for now. Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Haley Barton is a powerful book for the soul. The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning is a classic to me. Anything by John Maxwell on leadership is great.

Favorite vacation destination: We like Florida, but we would love to go to Vermont or New Hampshire for vacation.

Favorite hobby: Reading and hanging out with my family.

If I could have any superpower, I’d…: Stop people from making that “bad choice” in place of helping clean up after the fact.

If I could go back in time, I’d…: surrender to Christ sooner. I would love to have back those first 20-30 years and see what they would have been like with Christ leading the Greg story, in place of me.