2023 Lake James Polar Plunge

Once again this year, several staff members from Cedar Creek are joining the cause and “Freezin’ for a Reason” on Saturday, February 4, 2023! Connie Steinman, Gabe Miller, and Greg Krafft have committed to taking a plunge into the icy waters of Lake James to help raise funds for children to attend camp. If YOU would like to join them, please contact Connie Steinman ([email protected]) and let her know the dollar amount that would get you to plunge. She will add your name and a fun photo to the display outside of the Crew room! Cedar Creek Church members can drop donations into the Polar Plunge Bucket to meet the goals and send those brave individuals into the lake.

All funds raised during this time will go directly to the camp’s Treesh Memorial Scholarship fund which financially assists students who cannot afford to attend camp. This is not to be confused with the portion that Cedar Creek pays for our students to attend camp. It is a separate fund through the camp.

Please check out the display near the Crew room and give generously.  You can also add your name to the sheet to pledge an amount, or join in on the craziness and commit to taking the plunge with our team.

Thank you for giving kids the gift of church camp!