Polar Bear Plunge

January 9 - February 4

Cedar Creek Church, we need your help! Some brave staff members have accepted the “Polar Bear Plunge” challenge from Lake James Christian Camp, held on February 5 at Lake James. Funds are being raised for the Treesh Memorial Scholarship Fund which the camp uses to help families who cannot afford the cost of camp.  All funds raised will go directly to the camp. Let’s show our support for the camp, help families experience Jesus at camp, and have some fun!

If $500 is raised, Connie (Children’s Ministry Director) will take the plunge

If $1000 is raised, Gabe (Youth Minister) will also take the plunge

If $1250 is raised, Brian (Worship Minister) is on board to take the plunge

If $1500 is raised, Greg (Lead Minister) will join them in taking the plunge


***Pledges can be made at the tall table at the entrance to the Clubhouse in the Commons Hallway.